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Ninjagram is your automated Instagram marketing machine.

We specialize in Instagram marketing

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Our team builds your following on Instagram and targets your exact customers in the exact location you want. Instagram currently has over 300 million active users. You should be leveraging their social network to get the word out.

Our Philosophy

We don’t buy you Instagram ads, instead we build you a following, of real followers, who will see your targeted posts. We do this by targeting specific users by various lucrative parameters.

If your brand is looking for social engagement — and if you’re not finding it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks — you should start using Instagram today.

Why Instagram?


More Follower Engagement than on Facebook

Active Monthly Users
Higher Engagement Of Posts Tagged With a Location

More Follower Engagement than on Twitter

Accurate Targeting

Deploy an Instagram marketing campaign with Ninjagram. Targeting your audience like never before by using criteria including hashtags usage, hashtag engagement, accounts followed, and geo-location.

Outreach Program

You’re not buying followers, you’re not buying ads. We execute strategic outreach campaigns that expose your messaging to your target audience. Reaching out and touching your target audience not only drives leads, but also builds a healthy following. We make sure the outreach campaign is comprised of active users, targeted to maximize engagement, reach, and audience quality.

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Instagram’s low-clutter, business-friendly environment is an ideal platform for businesses of all categories. Get started today!

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